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Amazing concert series, every monday with multiple improvised concerts from 8pm-01am

Organised by drummer and innovator Kresten Osgood

When you have booked a concert with Kresten you get this from Kresten: "Info email about your concert at mandagsklubben":

dear artist at Mandagsklubben

this email is to give some info about you concert at Mandagsklubben, to answer some of the FAQ´s and to give you an idea about what we are doing.
i don't have everybody's emails so please pass this on to your band members


Mandagsklubben is a dream thats coming true. every monday night we have original, cutting edge high quality music from 8pm to 2am. no other club in copenhagen has that! we have 3-4 different bands every monday!!! we are taking presenting our music in our own hands. just like when you start your own label to put out your music. there is no middle man, nobody has to profit from this other than the artists themselves.


Mandagsklubben is our own venue where we can present whats important to us. It only works if we help each other make it grow. when you get a gig, make SURE that you get an audience. call up people and make them promise that they will come, share the facebook events on your own facebook. use your PR contacts, tell your colleagues. if we all go to see each others shows and make our close friends, fans come (it need only be a handfull) we can have a full house every money. right now this page
has 987 friends. lets make that 5.000. we can do it!
we make a monthly poster, have an active facebook page and try to do promotion as best we can
when you get a gig send me 3 lines in english about your show and a complete lineup


I am curating the club. my booking policy is YES lets do it!. so when you contact me for a gig, just remember your part of the deal which is...get an audience. just to be clear. i am working for free.


at the club we have an upright piano (tuned occationally), a PA with two mics, a full drum kit (no cymbals) sizes are 20" bass drum, 14" snare, 12" tom, 16" floor tom..and some extra toms.


Mandagsklubben is very underground. there is no support. all money is generated by ticket sales, bar sales and cd sales. this means that if noone comes to the concert, nobody makes any money. this also means that we dont have money to pay for KODA. which we hope to fix in time.
each show has a cover charge of 50 kr per person.

at the club we will set up a small table and a box with some change money. the table can also be used for selling merchandise. the table will be right where people enter the room

each band who plays brings their OWN person to sit at the table and collect the entrance fee from the audience. either someone from the band does it him/herself or they arrange for a friend to do it.

its now possible to buy a ticket for the whole night (could be as much as 5-6 sets) for 100 kr.
its still possible to pay via mobile pay through Hans and Ramn who will then take cash out of the bar money to pay the artist the covercharge.

this may sound complicated, but its really not. it just means that you get someone to help you out with collecting the money at your gig. this way you can also let in the people for free that you want...
if you dont take care of it we cant guarantee that you get money.

present every monday will be two people (usually named Ranm and Hans) who will handle the bar and collect the cover, help with the PA open and close the club.
these two people are paid also by what comes in at the door. so they get a small cut of the door.


its possible to get your concert recorded and filmed. if its a very special show it can be filmed with two cameras. this is taken care of by Torben Olander. if you have info or questions regarding this, please write Torben directly at
torben might put stuff from the concert up on youtube or soundcloud. if you dont want this, please email him directly. otherwise we will assume that you are cool with it


you get free drinks and if you show up before 7pm there is also a meal


you can help by making Mandagsklubben the place you go out every monday and the place where you present your most happening music. you can help by donating a bottle of something to the bar, or some firewood for the fireplace. you can help by making posters and hanging up posters, you can help by pushing the promotion aspect and bringing fresh ideas to the table about how it can continue to grow. and you can help by coming and helping out

if you have questions or suggestions please write me at

lets make something happen!
love and beauty!
Copenhagen Jazz House
Gade 10
1153 copenhagen
tel+45 3315 2600
frederiks bastion
refshalevej 28
1432 copenhagen
really amazing room. Me and my friends started it as a concert space. it gets used for all sorts. but we run it collectivly. we give door deal to musiscians who want to play and help with promo.
Ragnhildgade 1,
2100 København Ø copenhagen
Really amazing place run by volenteers. But really fills up Copnehegn with the best experimental music
Kronprinsensgade 7, Mezz.
1114 copenhagen
tel+45 3332 7222