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giant tank
tel0131 476 1050
Giant Tank is a record label, publishing house and promotions group.

so far we have released albums by improv/ noise groups such as Usurper and Whores Of Leith and comics by Malcy Duff.

we are always interested in putting on shows by adventurous artists.

please make contact if you are looking for gigs in Scotland.
Grind Sight Open Eye
organises experimental music events in Edinburgh since 2007. Experimental, Free improvisation, Noise, Electro-acoustic, Avant-garde and like...
the forest cafe
141 Lauriston Place
EH3 9JN edinburgh
Forest Centre Plus is an artist run studio and cross-platform arts production space based in the centre of Edinburgh. We are based in a 60’s office block just south of the castle and currently house over 100 artists working across various contemporary art practices.
In addition to members working studios, our large space offers rooms for artists and creative community projects to utilize for rehearsals, projects, workshops and meetings. The rooms suit a variety of uses ranging from theatre, installation and live art to dance, improv, written and spoken word performance workshops, as well as specialized art and music workshops and other such activities. .