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blank canvas - the promoter
Blank Canvas is a regular event in Liverpool promoting free improvisation in music.

Launched in 2011 by The Frakture Concerts Team (FCT) on behalf of It is now a stand alone format .Following the downsizing, and break up of Frakture by Phil Morton on April 1st 2014, just before lunch. Blank Canvas last presentation was November 2015, there are plans to relaunch the project during 2017, writes Phil Morton

Blank canvas was re-launched in 2017 and is currently a bi-monthly event.

TIP: for web pages, visit the above web-site-link and enter Blank Canvas in the search box on the main menu.

There is an application form, to apply perform at Blank Canvas, Liverpool, UK. Go to the Blank Canvas start page at the website and find the link to the form.
If the links become broken enter the following into a google search box. `improvisers network blank canvas`
bluecoat arts centre
School Lane
707 9393 liverpool
tel+44 0151 709 5297
The Bluecoat is not a promoter of free improvised music it is an art centre. The programme content is worked a long time in advance.
improvisers' networks merseyside
Improvisers' Networks Merseyside

Is a portal that hosts and features current activities in the greater Merseyside area. A list of organisation, featured events and google calendar.

If the above link does not work: visit the website home page > find the search box, enter "Merseyside"

Facebook - Closed group - try FB search box improvisers' Networks Merseyside .
If the links become broken, simply google
`improvisers network merseyside`
A database of venues used by `free improvisers` in the Merseyside region. A nice concept but difficult to deliver. The main issue is how to display the information and where? This link takes you to a `Wikipedia` type presentation. There is a webpage too, to find it - google it! `improvisers networks venues uk Merseyside` and navigate to the venues UK Merseyside webpage.

PM September 2018
Note: this is a listing of venues, not `promoters`who maybe book you, your group or project.
x archive item frakture - promoter
Festival in October
skype: fraktureoffice
FRAKTURE was formed in 1997 to promote exciting and risk-taking new music and performance within Liverpool, Merseyside and the North West region.

FRAKTURE is engaged with a wide range of activities, from concerts to workshops, collaborative projects to a CD label.

FRAKTURE's aims are to provide and develop opportunities for local and regionally-based experimental and improvising musicians to present their work, and promote the culture of, and raise the profile of, experimental music activity within Merseyside, regionally and nationally.
Phil Morton writes: Frakture ceased operations in 2014. He will update this section when he can. He will add links to the archive site which will be launched during late 2017