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sploh institute (producer)
Bezenškova 18
SI-1000 brooklyn new york
Studio aperto

Visual Hallucination / Auditory Hallucination (Unrepeatable) - musical instrument

Neponovljivo (Unrepeatable) is a musical instrument, which consists of recorded musical sequences performed by different musicians developing their individual musical language. It is a derivative of a music group which appeared for the first time under the name of "Privid, prisluh" (Audiovisual illusion) and is now continuously multiplying. The musician can make music by selecting the source, defining volume and randomness, which generates a continuous and unrepeatable composition. "Privid, prisluh" is a continuously evolving creation, combining original and live music. It is taking place at the intersection of technologically processed contemporary sonority and the elementarity of digitized clean sounds. It is a meeting place of the absent technologically reproduced performers and the immediate presence of the live musician in a concert context. It is a confrontation space of spontaneous solo performance and the subsequent structuring of individual musical presences, joined by a musician as a real presence in live performance·

Venue address, including cross streets and nearest public transportation: Manhattan Avenue, nearest public transportation: Subway train L, Graham.

· Event dates and times: 11-13 and 17-21 of August - 6pm-8pm
· Event prices - Free
· Website (if available) -
· List of artists on the bill, from headliner to opener (when applicable):

Tomaž Grom:concept
Ana Čigon: recording and video editing
Vasja Progar: processing, coding

sound and visual appearance:
Daichi Yoshikawa, Franz Hautzinger, Lee Patterson, Samo Kutin, Seijiro Murayama, Olivier Toulemonde, Jonas Kocher, Andrej Fon, Vitja Balžalorsky, Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigoga, Ute Kanngiesser, Jennifer Allum, Tristan Honsinger, Sebi Tramontana

Hosts: Špela Trošt and Tomaž Grom
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