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teo pace
Via Palermo 136
65122 pescara
A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, he has participated in several music groups since the 70’s ranging from folk and ethnic music, to progressive rock, jazz and free improvisation.
Beginning as a flutist, he also plays bass clarinet and piccolo in E-flat, the double flute, the bansuri, soprano and tenor sax, ciaramella and zampogna a chiave.
An expert in "circular breathing" on all instruments, he is always waiting to get his hands on the bass clarinet, while experimenting with unusual reeds and shaft accompaniment.
He was a member of the following groups: Riot Trio, ErtIon, Eraorab, Oilseed Rape, Ratablò, Paranzella, GRA / D, LoFlopper, MegaPax, Orchestra of Transhumance, Roppoppò and others.
He is currently involved with Magnetic Place, Project Malafè and RIOT.
Songs from some of these groups on the net: