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Vico Acitillo 58
l'asilo -
vico Giuseppe Maffei 4 (San Gregorio Armeno)
80133 napoli
L'Asilo is an open space in the historical center of Naples. Management and use of the spaces is based on a shared, inclusive, and horizontal organizational structure which is entirely new and unlike any organization currently defined under Italian law. The "Community of Cultural Workers and Artists" is the informal group in charge of managing and maintaining the structure. It is a liquid, heterogeneous and open community of people.
Work and artistic productions are organized through public weekly assemblies and roundtables. By setting up a new (and original) form of organization, promoting art and culture based on mutual cooperation, autonomy and interdependence, L’Asilo is trying to fight institutional immobilism and give life to a renewed self-determination process.
The space is a big, very well manteined, cleaned building with four floors, many rooms, elevators, facilities, toilets, gardens, terraces, chapels, catacombs. For concerts and theatre shows it has been prepared a stage in a main room on the third floor.

• The space is managed - and self-governed - by an open community, potentially infinite, of workers in the art, entertainment and immaterial field;
• the work for L'Asilo is at the moment entirely voluntary, but has the goal to create new forms of income, free from assignments, dependencies and patronage;
• any decision shall be taken in the assembly meeting, in a totally anti oligarchic way;
• there is no kind of space assignment: space was subtracted to private utilizations and transformed into an open, cultural, artistic and political experimentation space;
• the political connotation of the whole process is an essential characteristic of L'Asilo and aims to support the community of artists and workers of immaterial, creating precedents that can be reused elsewhere, by anyone;
• any public event is always free admission, or free offer; the total evening gains shall be basically divided into equal parts between “ex Asilo Filangieri” and the artists, the amount L'Asilo gains plus the bar proceeds will be only ever used for place
maintenance and purchase of production means for L'Asilo; sometimes could happen that the entire gain will be given to the artist, to cover his/her expenses.
• when assembly finds it appropriated, travel expenses will be covered in advance.

INFRASUONI is the group constituted inside the Asilo that deals with all the aspects related to music and sound: lines of cultural politics, planning of events, contacts and communication, technical aspects. Beyond managing "isolated" proposals and events
connected to the musical field, Infrasuoni deals with - giving them priority - projects that fall into the guidelines of the Asilo and of the group.

GEOGRAFIE DEL SUONO (Geographies of Sound: meetings with musicians in transit) is a project produced by the Asilo Filangieri that aims to favor and to promote the meeting in the improvisation field among musicians of various geographical and stylistic areas.
The artists, accustomed to improvisation practice, that are found to transit more or less in the proximities of Naples are invited to a performance to which follows an improvisation with local musicians; of course is also possible to foresee wider forms of collaboration.
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80134 napoli
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