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Associazione Culturale SONANTE is a organization no-profit.
Was founded in 2011 by musicians ( M.Magliocchi, D. Morga, F.Fornarelli, P. Montagne, G. Mongelli ) working in the field of improvised music, jazz music and other music related the contemporary languages in order to give more space and visibility to these artistic experiences in our area.
The first initiative is FONOSEXTANT ( the art direct. is Marcello Magliocchi, musician-improviser ) who devotes his program to improvised music and all the experiences of contemporary music.
The first edition of FONOSEXTANT ( October 2011- May 2012 ) have been presented different projects have also been the music of J.S.Bach, E. Satie, J. Cage. and was attended by members of the association and S.Potts,N.B.Kentus,G.Lenoci,N.Morgia,M.Boss,V.Curci,I.Nardi,N.Guazzaloca and others guest.
FONOSEXTANT does not have any type of financial aid at the time, is self-managed and if you contact us remember this condiction.
FONOSEXTANT - second edition - will take place from November 2012 to April 2013 and is being planned.

For more infos and contact send email at:

art. direct. Marcello Magliocchi

Thanks so much for the attention